In restaurant business, various customer complaints and countermeasures (Part 5)
The author:Leonna Teng     Release time:2018-07-19

The stable operation of the restaurant must have a stable business philosophy and mature management rules and regulations. The employees at any level can always achieve a unified management system and solutions to solve problems and services. We also understand that careful consideration can not completely rule out complaints or complaints from customers, as long as they can hold a positive attitude and regard it as a kind of supervision, the restaurant can do more. The better, we can turn the negligent complaints into nutrients and pay more attention to future operations.


This article continues that refers to the complaints that the catering industry will face and the appropriate countermeasures. Among the various customers, we will also meet customers who are slightly more selective in all aspects. For example, customers order a package, but they require many of the dishes in the menu to be replaced as much as he said. First of all, if the customer requests only a small part of the replacement, there is no problem, as long as it can be more suitable for the customers taste, the customer will have a more intimate feeling of the restaurant. However, if there are too many changes to the requirements, we need to pay attention to the fact that blindly relocating guests' requests will also make customers feel that you have no position and that it will lead to inconvenience for the chef. For example, the fish is the mainly important dish of the package, and there is more than a year of good luck. In addition, the content of this package is also carefully arranged by the chef. Try it out and I believe it will make you happy. "A guide like this will make customers feel comfortable and rethink.


Then, while we were enjoying our meals, we must have also encountered a situation in which the waitress accidentally broke the cutlery during the cleaning process. When this happens, most of the customers will look in this direction with a bit of shock. At the first time, the customer should arrange a neat table elsewhere and apologise to the customer. They can also deliver a small dessert and say to the customer: “Please don’t be excited, break up and peace, and wish you a wonderful day.” Then this can reduce the frightened of customers, but also allow customers to understand your sincerity and understanding.


The complaints caused by all seemingly insignificant minorities but cannot be ignored. If they can be ignored after they occur, they will be able to handle more mature management systems in the future.

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