On-demand configuration to fully meet the restaurant management needs
  • Store Management
  • Staff management
  • Inventory management
  • Offer Management
  • Payment method
  • Seat management
  • Print management
  • Order management
Management system

Help restaurant owners check business data and manage restaurants anywhere, anytime

[At any time] At a glance, store real-time data at any time to see
[At will] Configuration on demand, multi-functional to meet the needs of the restaurant
[Data] Full report, provide detailed data statistics
[Realtime Online] Keeping up with the times, system dynamics know early

  • Create a personalized shop image
    The shop image refers to the shop style displayed when the customer views the shop through the mobile phone. Including shop name, store information, address coordinates, telephone, tax number, shop LOGO image, language setting, administrator account and password modification.
  • Control the printer system in real time
    The printer manages the names of printers, printers, and additions and deletions of all system-related printers in the store. Printers are generally classified into guest printers, kitchen printers, and invoice printers. Need to add to the system one by one in order to use normally.
  • Manage meal rates at any time
    All the dishes in the shop are entered and managed here. Include: recipe management, classification management, food management, specification management, taste management, and side dish management.
  • Easy to grasp the table information
    Add tables and sections for the entire store. The system will generate a separate QR code for each table as a meal window. Kitchen prints, service messages, checkout orders, etc. are all based on the table。
  • Strong employee management system
    The main function of the clerk management module is the setup and management of the clerk account. Including adding cashiers, adding waiters, performance appraisals, assigning roles to clerk and other functions.
  • Effective marketing promotion
    Set discounts, promotions, etc. for stores. The activities can be freely collocated, and the activity conditions can be set as required. Promotions affect the amount of orders, are reflected in the customer's checkout link.
  • Comprehensive statistical report data
    Statistics on the operation status of stores, including: sales stage (number of orders, number of people, turnover, discounts, taxes, average order amount, and per capita consumption amount. Export forms are available.) Statistics, payment methods, food reports, FOC reports, attendance reports Wait.

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