Powerful performance
  • Quad-core chip
  • High-speed memory
  • 8G FLASH
  • 15.6 inch HD screen
  • External printer
  • 2.4G WiFi
  • Order
    Open tables, Combine tables, Transfer tables, Order combination, Order dishes, Retreat food, Reminders, Gifts, Discount food, Serve later, Take away , Cancel orders, Deposit receipts, Orders, etc.
  • settle accounts
    Cash, POS payment, Balance, FOC, Discount, Membership discount, etc.
  • Management
    Shiftment, Day-end, Clear-out, Order inquiry, Print monitoring, Print sales report, Employee attendance, etc.
  • One shop and multiple cashiers
    Support multi-channel fast food, multi-area dinner, waiter mobile terminal synchronization checkout.
  • Cash Management
    Bill based on table, including empty table billing, print guest bills, table combine billing, take away and serve later functions.
  • Fast print kitchen orders and guest bills
    Can order food, modify the menu information.Confirm the kitchen, directly connected to the kitchen printer to print the menu.
  • Guarantee food delivery rate
    Guarantee the delivery rate of dishes and customers able to know the sold out on the spot.
  • Efficient management of employee attendance
    Automatically record employee commuting time, add and delete employees
  • Handle message calls in a timely manner
    Simultaneous customer orders or call services, cashiers can receive news alerts in a timely manner. In the message list, orders or services can be processed directly.
  • View billing records at any time
    All billed billing information is saved in the system for easy inquiry at any time. This includes viewing the bill's revision history, operator personnel, operating time, and changing bills.
  • Shiftment
    Handovers, Day-ends.

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