In restaurant business, various customer complaints and countermeasures (Part 6)
The author:Leonna Teng     Release time:2018-07-19

As the food for the people, the development of the catering industry has rapidly become a popular item of business as this era. People have to eat, but also from the initial basic requirements to eat enough to eat, even evolved into an artistic pursuit and quality of life.


Especially for a restaurant, it is not difficult to open a new restaurant. It is difficult to make every effort to improve, break through the barriers, and even become unique. It is not easy to become a quality restaurant to people. The customer is the most important for the restaurant. Therefore, each customer's feelings and responses are worth to our attention and observation. This article continues the previous mentioned, when faced with the various types of complaints that the restaurant may face and the appropriate countermeasures.


First of all, following the above mentioned between the restaurants and customers, we may also face the situation of accidentally make dirty of the customer's clothes by tea or dishes. The waiter should immediately put down his work. On the work, and handed wet cloth to scrub the customer, apologise to the customer, and at the same time can shift their attention to the customer that the last time he accidentally hit a customer is a long time ago, and then the customer went to buy lottery tickets and won it, so I believe you have fortune. Such small jokes can prevent guests from feeling embarrassing when helping guests wipe, but remembering to apologise or avoiding being mistaken for let customers feel bad.


Then, there is also a situation that may happen, that is, the customer left without a checkout. There may be two things: the first is intentional, and the second is really forgotten. Regardless of the issue, the waiter should politely call the customers, remembering not to yell the guests out loud so as not to cause the customers to feel uncomfortable. He should be taken to the side, and politely tells the customers that he neglected to remind the customer. When the bill is handed to him, he will understand it.


Again, the restaurant owners must have listened to some of the more straightforward customers who said that he felt that the other restaurant's dishes were better than the comparative speeches. First of all, the first reaction that we hear must be a little uncomfortable, but do not show any discomfort. We should give a comfortable smile and express ourselves well. Then we come back to the main dish that mentions our restaurant, or the dishes that have not been tried by the customers themselves may not be tried.


After a certain period of operation, it is not difficult for owners to find that the actual situation that the customer will bring is unpredictable, but as long as it is possible to distinguish benign suggestions, it will be able to make a better view of the restaurant.

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