In restaurant business, various customer complaints and countermeasures (Part 7)
The author:Leonna Teng     Release time:2018-07-20

The services pursuit can have many standards. Some owners think that the standard service is the basic guarantee for the quality of the dishes. It is the greatest respect for the customers. Some other owners believe that in this new era, customers want more than just tastebuds, but also include visual senses and restaurant services. Therefore, all the different customers have decided that we will be on the long road to business, and we will face a lot of confusion and examples between the unknown and the customers.


This article continues from the above and refers to the various customer complaints that may be faced and the corresponding appropriate countermeasures. First of all, we may also propose to see the manager or the owner. When the waiter is faced with the relevant situation, do not feel panic and inform the owner immediately so as not to panic the entire restaurant. You can ask the customer the reason with politeness and gentleness. For example: I am sorry, but is it where our service needs strengthening? If the customer responds, then apologises to the customer and expresses the appreciation for the customer's proposal. He will pay more attention in the future. Try to avoid situations where you need to call the owner. In addition, if it is not a complaint, but the customer declares that he knows the owner, you may ask the customer's name and tells the owner. If the customer does not want to give his name, you just responds to the customer and says that if the owner does not know who you are, the owner will not be able to see you.


Then, in a restaurant where people come and go, it is inevitable that the waiter will not bump into the customer. This may be due to the caretaker or the fault of the customer. Remember not to look at the customer because of you are busy and then look back and keep working. At this time, you should immediately apologise and ask if there is any discomfort. Appropriate sincerity can make customers feel the quality of the waiter, and they will also pay attention to whether they are their own fault.


Another case is also available for reference. What should be done when a child with a high-quality tableware is broken by a child who comes with family to dine? When we look at the short term, we will think that this loss will make us feel that we must set out this loss and ask the customer to be responsible. However, if we look at our customers in the long term, if we can treat our customers like their loved ones, we will understand that children's behaviour is sometimes out of control. If we can put down this small loss, we may be able to let this family feel the kindness and generosity of the restaurant. It will be a better return to establish a regular customer relationship with the whole family.

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