How to avoid the embarrassment and easily to chat with customers? (Part 2)
The author:Leonna Teng     Release time:2018-07-23

It is not difficult to talk with customers, but it is not easy to build up and let all kinds of customers talk to you freely. Customers like us, they have their own personality, thinking and communication. Therefore, as long as you have a balance and face the conversation between the customers, you will be able to chat with customers without fear. The following continue to bring out the tips of paying attention to customers when chatting.


- Find common topics

In chatting, you can start from the more general topics such as health, life, current events and observe the topics that are more connecting with customers. Do not just talk about topics related to yourself, such as your own experience during the entire dialogue. Try to put more of the right to express on the customer. Then, when we notice that the customer's eyes have begun to float and the response has begun to be short, we will pay attention to whether the customer has their own things to do. Then we will end the dialogue politely.


- Start with the caring topic

In addition to pay attention to the topic of connecting with guests, you can also put the topic on the customers, such as greeting the of his sleep quality, the quality of eating, and the regularity of life. When he's answer is yes or no, you can respond to warmhearted tips or information to let him feel your concern.


- Get into the habit of reading newspapers daily

For many owners, they are busy in business and may not have the habit of reading newspapers in the morning. Appropriately absorbing daily social information will help us to have more suitable sharing, and we can also share some important information for customers, or It is a small introduction of the city. It will help with the amount of content during communication.


- Avoid to mention dignified topics

Sometimes when the two sides talk about the rise or have a certain familiarity with the other side, they will ignore the avoidance of some topics. As long as you are still in the restaurant's business hours, as far as possible to avoid the content is more tight or dignified, this will give an impression of the mood of the guests and the atmosphere of the restaurant. Give modest care and take other easier topics.