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  • Sushi House - reduced from the original more than 10 waiters to about 5 waiters? ! And more efficient? ! What is the matter?

  • Living Room - The restaurant is understaffed? Did something go wrong during the meal? Can't get the menu or call the waiter in a busy hour? Check out how they solved it!

  • What are the reasons for this restaurant (Agus) to greatly reduce costs and improve service quality? !

  • Blue Street - has never had experience in the restaurant industry, but it can operate so handy, what is the secret?

Yhofoodie comprehensive efficiency improvement plan

To provide a comprehensive efficiency improvement plan for merchants, saving operating costs.

  • Data analysis
    The background function is powerful, the authority control is strict.Sales report, hot ranking, employee performance, menu management, table management, etc.Fully standardize the operation of restaurants and effectively avoid management loopholes.
  • Fast service
    The ordering system is equipped with the call function, just a click, the waiter appears at your side in the first time.The customer can also press the demand, the server directly provides the service, does not need to run back and forth.
  • Order fast
    Shorten the time of ordering, ordering and paying, improve the dining efficiency and service experience.
  • Staff costs
    The number of human services needs to be reduced by more than 60 percent, and the number of service per person per person is doubled.
  • Turnover Rate
    Save nine minutes of ordering time on the pre-order menu table, and increase the turnover rate by 20% to 30%.
  • Promotion costs
    Accurately push marketing activities, coupons, advertisements, etc. to all users through the platform; The target population is more accurate, lower cost, and more efficient.
  • Management cost
    Business statistics, hot dishes, consumer behavior data, help the restaurant by big data collection, analysis, consumption to launch a new core product, change management and marketing strategy, find new sources of growth.
  • Multilingual switching
    The front and rear end interface and dish data support Chinese, English and other multi-language switching to improve service quality;Make it easy for international customers to order and become regular customers.
Scope of application
  • Specialty restaurant
  • Chinese food
  • Western food
  • Milk tea
  • The bar
  • Hot pot
  • The hotel
  • The coffee shop
Yhofoodie Core Features
A set of standardized wisdom cloud restaurant products from restaurant buffet order service to overall operation data management!
  • Refinement report

  • Inventory Management

  • Mobile Phone Ordering system

  • Cashier management

  • Kitchen print

  • Marketing

  • Employees Management

  • Smart Call Service

  • Multi-lingual settings

  • Connect WeChat, Facebook, etc.

Join yhofoodie and Enter to the Era of Smart Restaurants
  • How to avoid the embarrassment and easily to chat with customers? (Part 2)

    It is not difficult to talk with customers, but it is not easy to build up and let all kinds of customers talk to you freely. Customers like us, they have their own personality, thinking and communication. Therefore, as long as you have a balance and face the conversation between the customers, you will be able to chat with customers without fear. The following continue to bring out the tips of paying attention to customers when chatting.
  • How to avoid the embarrassment and easily to chat with customers? (Part 1)

    Communication between people is an art. When communication is well established, it has powerful energy. If it is not used properly, it will be greatly detrimental to its own interpersonal relationship. In business, no matter what the nature or type of work, the communication between the two parties occupies an important role. In operating a restaurant, in addition to knowing how to communicate with employees and partners, the industry has to learn how to chat with customers. A successful and comfortable dialogue can make customers feel good, and also increase the chances of increasing regular customers.
  • In restaurant business, various customer complaints and countermeasures (Part 7)

    The services pursuit can have many standards. Some owners think that the standard service is the basic guarantee for the quality of the dishes. It is the greatest respect for the customers. Some other owners believe that in this new era, customers want more than just tastebuds, but also include visual senses and restaurant services. Therefore, all the different customers have decided that we will be on the long road to business, and we will face a lot of confusion and examples between the unknown and the customers.

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